Entrepreneurs Enjoy Their First Year Of Success in a Prokil Damp Proofing Franchise

Entrepreneurs Enjoy Their First Year Of Success in a Prokil Damp Proofing Franchise

After reviewing several different franchise opportunities Wai Lam and James Beevis decided to invest in a Prokil Franchise in April 2018. Seeing the potential for business growth in central London the business partners worked with Prokil Head Office to compile a business plan which would forecast their first five years.

Prokil Head Office offers three months of paid online digital marketing, including Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation with the start up package.

This online presence proved successful as during their initial training months Prokil London completed several jobs. After completion of their training the demand for their services has grown exponentially month on month.

Work has subsequently come in from a host of clients including private property owners, insurance companies, estate agents and private companies.

Due to their continual growth Prokil London are now looking to further expand their team to help keep up with the demand.

Year one has proven hard work for Wai and James, but with their commitment and drive it has been very profitable.

With a six figure turnover the business partners have in-fact exceeded their projections by over 40%. Their bottom line figures for the end of their first year of trading is also showing a profit.

Both partners would agree that they have put in a lot of time into the Prokil franchise but no more than they would expect for a business start-up.

Although at times extra hours are needed to be put in, both Wai and James are able to enjoy their evenings and weekends as business owners.

So what’s stopping you from owning a successful franchise?

We are committed to providing our customers with excellent levels of service. We are looking for energetic, positive and hardworking individuals to run our franchises and experience the thrill of running their own business with support from qualified professionals.

Franchise Offer

Prokil Franchise Fee: £37,000 + VAT

*Other Set-Up Costs: £8,000

*Working Capital Requirement: £15,000

Total Cost of Franchise: £60,000 + VAT

Maximum Personal Investment: £30,000 + VAT

*this is subject to your own individual business plan, circumstances and access to finance. Prokil currently has access to lenders who provide 50% of the start-up finance.

If you think you are interested in joining the Prokil family, apply to become a damp proofing franchisee on our website. Want to find out more? Simply contact our friendly team of damp proofing specialists who will be happy to assist you.

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