How Do I Buy a Franchise?

How Do I Buy a Franchise?

Buying a franchise is an excellent career choice for those who are ambitious and want to manage their own business and income without having to start from scratch with a new business idea.

If you’ve determined that buying a franchise is right for you and now you are looking for how to buy a franchise, Prokil can help. Our company has over 50 years’ experience in our industry, and we have many opportunities across the UK.

How do you buy a franchise in the UK?


  1. Contact the company to register your interest and find out more

You’ve done your research about what buying a franchise entails and you have a list of the companies you would like to approach to discuss their franchise opportunities. Contact each one to register your interest and to obtain more information.

  1. Review the literature

It’s important when you choose to buy a franchise that you make sure that the company you are looking to join is the right fit for you. Read through all the available literature and determine if their brand is one that you can see yourself embodying. If you are serious about that company, you could request the contact details of other franchisees to discuss their experience.

  1. Request a meeting

Contact the company to arrange a meeting to discuss you buying a franchise. Here you can discuss any ideas you have and get answers to any questions. It’s a good opportunity to discover if there is any help with the finance available.

  1. Apply for funding (circumstance-dependant)

We have a list of high-street banks that are willing to support our franchises, so wherever you apply, it’s worth asking if that company can provide that. Apply for funding and prepare to sign the paperwork.

  1. Pay the franchise set-up cost

Once the plan for the finance is organised, the cost of the franchise can be paid, the dotted line signed, and business planning can commence.

  1. Find your new business premises

Once you’ve paid the fee and you have your franchise business go-ahead finalised you can secure an office in the location that you will primarily be working in.

  1. Embark on the training

As a new franchise owner, you will then start your training to learn the ins and out of the business that will finance your future!

If you are serious in your decision to buy a franchise, please do get in touch to discuss what’s available for you when you buy a franchise with Prokil. Three months internal training, continuous support and three months of digital marketing are some of the excellent benefits. We work with an agency that advises on and runs PPC and SEO campaigns, helping you to raise awareness of your franchise.

To find out more about our damp proofing franchise, talk to our dedicated Franchise Manager today to see if Prokil is the right fit for you. Complete our franchise enquiry form to get in touch.

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