Type C Damp Proofing at FunFair Night Club in Brighton

Type C Damp Proofing at FunFair Night Club in Brighton

Our franchisees take on a diverse range of damp proofing projects that have completely transformed buildings from virtually unusable to spick and span.

Read about one of our most recent franchise success stories from Prokil Brighton who landed the franchise networks biggest contract within the first three months of trading. The team of damp proofing specialists at Prokil Brighton conducted a full basement conversion using a type C waterproofing system at FunFair nightclub based on Brighton sea front.

What is Type C waterproofing?

Type C waterproofing relies on the resistance of water by structural elements, where any water that penetrates through is manage by a cavity drain system. There is permanent reliance on this system to collect excess moisture and redirect it to an outlet, such as a drain or a sump for removal via gravity drainage or mechanical pumping. The amount of water entering the cavity will depend on the volume of external water and its hydrostatic pressure, but also the resistance of the structure itself to water ingress. Therefore, designers must consider any potential risks associated with possible water damage to the structure.

How Did Type C Damp Proofing Help FunFair Nightclub in Brighton?

FunFair Nightclub in Brighton’s town centre had remained untouched for over a year, which caused it to deteriorate substantially both internally and externally. Our Prokil Brighton damp proofing franchise came to the rescue by offering the client a full Type C waterproofing system and subsequent refurbishment.

The Process of Installing the Type C Damp Proofing System

Before our team of damp proofing specialists could get to the crux of the problem through installation of the type C waterproofing system, the entire building had to be cleared of existing décor and stripped back to bare walls. As well as this, all electrical and plumbed items were removed. Due to limited access and parking restrictions, undergoing this was a complicated process, therefore waste removal had to be carefully timed and implemented.

Once everything had been stripped back, our damp proofing franchise Prokil Brighton team got to work and brought in several respective trades required to fulfil the job. The team started by rewiring the entire unit, making the electrical system both safe and functional, followed by digging and installing a drainage channel around the floor. A waterproof membrane was installed to the walls, which were then boarded over with plasterboard and plaster. All exposed timbers were also given a dual purpose woodworm treatment and preservative due to the excessive levels of damp within the property.

A sump and pump were installed, allowing for any trapped moisture to be redirected to a main drain. The area was then flood tested thoroughly to ensure the damp proofing system performed reliably and effectively. Once this has been tested, the remaining basement waterproofing took place by installing the floor membrane followed by a liquid levelling screed to provide a hard-wearing level surface.

After the Installation of the Type C Damp Proofing System

Once our talented team of specialists had finished installing the waterproofing  system, it was time to transform the building into a functioning, usable space. This included the installation of new air conditioning units, the plumbing in of new sanitary ware and fixing all the electrics. This was carried out in conjunction with carpentry tasks, followed by a complete redecoration to inject some life back into the unit’s interior.

Once the project was complete and signed off by the client, the team issued basement waterproofing and woodworm treatment guarantees, whilst also organising a service plan for the pumping system.

Find out more about our damp proofing and basement waterproofing services and how to become part of a damp proofing franchise at Prokil. Start your journey today by downloading our brochure. If you have any questions, contact us by leaving an enquiry or calling 01202 515566.


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