Training and Support

Before your franchise can begin, you will need the relevant training to become an expert in the field. Prokil will provide you with up to three months of initial training to learn the ropes, to complete a survey, and the best ways to start growing your franchise. The first month will be a combination of Head Office based work and on-the-job training sessions run by one of our expert surveyors who is employed full time by Prokil and has extensive industry experience. After approximately, 8 weeks, you will begin working in your chosen area alongside the support of Prokil, to kickstart your business and market yourself ready to grow your franchise.

As part of your franchise fee, Prokil organise 3 months of on-line marketing. This will enable you to market your area before you start in order to gain interest. After these initial 3 months, you will have learnt Prokil’s current marketing techniques and can continue to market your business further as it grows.

Before your franchise can open for business, you must attend all training in Bournemouth at Prokil’s Head Office. Following this, there will be a paid CSRT qualification that you will be required to complete over the first year of owning the Franchise, in order to become a qualified surveyor. Coursework to be studied will be provided before attending a 3 day Preparation Course at the Property Care Association headquarters in Huntingdon. This is followed by another 3 day stay when exams are prepared for and sat. Some aspects of the coursework are available to study on-line.

Initial Training

The initial training will cover a wide range of topics to ensure you are feeling confident when you open the doors to your franchise for the first time.

Key Skills

One of the key skills any Prokil surveyor will need to master is the ability to guide and advise customers of any potential additional works.

Ongoing Training

Prokil is committed to providing support to all franchisees past initial training, with regular progress meetings and useful industry information.

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Initial Training

The initial training will cover a wide range of topics to ensure you are feeling confident when you open the doors to your franchise for the first time. Prokil will take the time to talk you through all the equipment you will be using, suppliers you will purchase from and what treatments are required for all scenarios. There will also be the opportunity to work hands on, going to jobs and completing your own surveys perfectly with the help of an experienced Prokil surveyor, becoming confident and ready to starting your own Prokil business.

Key Skills

As a qualified surveyor you will have a duty of care to advise clients of any additional works that may be required to their property – promoting additional services that you can provide to customers when completing work. This will be crucial in the growth of your franchise and help to maximise profits from day one. Prokil will also dedicate some time to your own personal development, asking what you are looking to achieve both on a personal and business level. With over 50 years of industry experience, who better to give you personalised guidance than us?

Extensive Training

With the first 3 months of training based in Bournemouth, Prokil are committed to providing extensive support to all franchisees, making sure they feel confident to start their own business before going up to their selected territory. Prokil will hold progress meetings and support you with your CSRT qualification and after completion will encourage you to continue learning with a variety of other courses available in the industry. As Prokil has established itself within the trade, we will give you inside industry knowledge to boost sales, increase profits and develop your business quickly.

As your franchisor, we will endeavour to keep you updated with the latest developments at Prokil as we are always looking for ways to work smarter, more effectively and embrace any advances in technology. We also regularly search for improvements to the chemicals and equipment we use, as well as enhancements to the unique business management system we provide to all franchisees.