Why Become a Prokil Damp Proofing Franchisee?

When you become a franchisee of Prokil, you get more than just an opportunity to grow a small business into something bigger. Our package comes with a number of significant benefits that have been designed to make your working life simpler, more efficient and ultimately drive profits for your franchise.

Prokil is a member of the Property Care Association and over the years we have developed a unique business format that guides our franchisees through the steps needed to successfully grow their organisation.


Before your franchise can begin and open for business, you will need the relevant training to become an expert in the field. Prokil will provide you with up to 3 months of initial training to learn the ropes and provide advice on the best ways to start growing your franchise.

The first month will be a combination of Head Office based work and on-the-job training sessions run by our expert surveyors who our employed full time by Prokil and have extensive industry experience. After approximately, 8 weeks, you will begin working in your chosen area alongside the support of Prokil Head Office staff to kickstart your business and market yourself ready to grow your franchise.


Following the completion of your training Prokil will continue to support and consult with you regularly, suggesting areas for improvement and bringing you up to speed with all the latest developments in the industry to ensure you remain at the forefront of the marketplace.

We offer these services through a range of mediums including;

  • on site visits
  • telephone calls direct to you
  • updates shared with you via the CRM central IT system


Prokil takes pride in its brand and heritage and encourages all franchisees to follow the brand guidelines in order to provide consistent messaging for our customers. Prokil is a well established brand within the damp and timber industry and you will be able to take full advantage of this. As a franchisee you will be provided with all the brand assets necessary to make your franchise a success.


As part of your franchise fee, Prokil organises 3 months of online marketing via an external digital marketing agency that provides expertise in PPC and SEO campaigns. This will enable you to market your area before you start in order to gain interest. After these initial 3 months, you will be able to create your own account with the digital marketing agency and continue to promote your business online.

As a franchisee you will also benefit from having your own page on the main Prokil website.

Marketing Materials – Includes business cards, stationery and other items which promote the business.

Direct emailing- Emails sent to a potential customer database or to those who are already registered with Prokil.

Leaflet Distribution- Specially designed flyers with literature to engage clients in working with Prokil are delivered to homeowners and businesses within a territory.

Sponsorship of charity event- This may be by means of being a main sponsor, a guest speaker or participant in events.

Business to Business Contact (via estate and letting agents)- Visiting local companies, cold calling businesses and doing mail shots.

Social Media (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram)- Regular posts and updates to engage customers.

Customer Base

We are known locally as the estate agents’, building and structural surveyors’ favourite and used by 99% of them as our service and price are second to none.

Prokil currently provides services to a wide range of customers, including:

Estate & Letting Agents

When a tenant has an issue in the property an lettings agent can act on behalf of the landlord to instruct a survey and carry out remedial works. Estate Agents can recommend Prokil to carry out specialised surveys for the Home Buyers Report.

Private Home Owners

Customers who own and live in their own property, both mortgaged and owned outright and landlords who rent out property which are mortgaged and owned outright.


This is for companies who own both residential and commercial premises. They can be anything from a small one man limited company to a large international corporation.

Local Authorities

Many of the properties in a territory may be owned by a local authority for tenants utilising housing support. All issues with the property would need to be followed up by the housing partnership responsible for the property.

Equipment, Materials & Suppliers

Prokil franchisees will benefit from the very best in equipment and tools. With our first-hand practical experience in this highly competitive industry, we know how important it is to have the latest technology, materials and equipment to hand when tackling any surveying or restoration work.

In order to guarantee a thorough and accurate survey every time, our surveyors only use equipment provided by approved market-leading manufacturers who Prokil have worked alongside for years.

We currently source all our supplies from leaders in the market including Travis Perkins, Sovereign Chemicals, Pam Ties as well as others. Over the years, we have built connections with suppliers who can provide us with the highest quality chemicals, equipment and materials, to ensure we retain a fantastic standard across all regions. Additionally these relations have allowed Prokil to negotiate the  best rates which otherwise would not be attainable. We therefore wish to continue to grow these connections with our suppliers as you start your own franchise under Prokil’s name.

Territories & Mapping

Prokil franchisees are responsible for servicing the needs of all the potential customers in their territory, which includes both residential and commercial premises.

The Prokil Franchisee will have an exclusive territory subject to the terms of the franchise

agreement. The Prokil franchise territories have been professionally developed using a specialist mapping company so that every franchisee has the same opportunity. The areas are based on the original trading business.

Territory Statistics:

Every Franchisee will have access to an average of 159,828 households. This includes an average of 125,256 privately owned or rented households.

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